Best Beat Making Software to Make Your Own Beats

Here you can read reviews of some of the best beat making software. Hopefully, by comparing them, you will find the one that suits you the most. What is the best beat maker to make your own beats?

FL Studio beat making softwareIf you have ever tried to make your own beats, whether with some online beat maker, DJ mixing program, or by using popular beat making software, you know how hard it can be, especially if you have no prior experience in music production. I had this in mind when picking the top programs in industry here. These beat makers are either user-friendly out of the box or have a good learning resources (documentation, support, forums), so that anyone can create beats with them easily.

FL Studio – Beat Making Software for Professionals

FL Studio is here for a long time and that is for the reason. It is the best choice if you want to make your own beats at professional level. But it comes with a price. Full software with all plugins is around $1000, but they have a few different editions with Fruity Edition being the cheapest one ($100). It is limited in features comparing to its bigger brothers, but more than enough for a beginner.

Samples, metronome, VST instruments, sounds library (a big one), midi keyboard support… FL Studio has everything you would like beat making software to have.

Sony ACID Music Studio 9

The good thing about ACID Music Studio 9 is that you don’t need experience in music production to use the software. It has a huge library of sounds so you can “paint” the music like you would paint a picture with mosaic pieces. They have the biggest community of artists over there. It supports unlimited tracks and of course, like you would expect from any beat making software, you can plug midi keyboard to your computer and take a full control over your sounds.

Sony ACID Music StudioACID Music Studio 9 offers the best value for money. It is the cheapest beat making solution and I don’t understand why. Even if you don’t take price into consideration at all, it is still one of the best beat making software out there.

Dr Drum Beat Maker

I would put Dr Drum in the same range as BTV Solo and Dubturbo. It has some powerful features to make your beats sound really good, without you having to learn all music theory, buy expensive equipment and staff, but if you are serious about your music career at some point you will want more than that. If all you want is to amaze your friends and family or to show your girlfriend how cool you are, this is a great beat making software solution to start with.

BTV Solo Music Production Software

Beat Thang Virtual SOLO is created by professional sound¬†engineers so you can be sure that beats made with it are of the highest standard. BTV Solo brings a lot of nice features, effects and sounds out of the box. Live mixing, modulation control, quantization… to name a few. You can create or import your own samples and loops, but no VST instruments. A big drawback in my opinion. I have a feeling that it is aimed to the beginner music producers.

You don’t need any equipment other than computer keyboard to control this beat making program, although MIDI controller is supported. It works with WAV and MP3 files, and you can even burn tracks directly to CD.

Dubturbo beat maker - keyboard and tracksDubturbo

You can read my full review of this beat making software here. In short, it is limited with features and what especially bothers me is that Dubturbo doesn’t allow me to plug in my midi controller and create beats the only natural way – by playing the music keyboard. I must admit though that sound quality of beats Dubturbo creates is extraordinary.

Did you try any of these beat making software? Let me know your thoughts.

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