Dubturbo Review – Can it Make You the Next Timbaland?

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Dubturbo keyboard and tracksNo. Dubturbo certainly won’t take you that far. It’s not Dubturbo or any other software out there that make Timbaland what he is. But it is a good start.

In this DUBturbo review I will try to answer some common questions about the software. Keep reading to find out why is it considered to be one the best beat making software for noobs.



DUBturbo is newbie friendly, yet powerful and flexible enough music software. So, don’t worry, even if you are a complete beginner, they have bunch of useful training videos to help you start and learn everything you need to make your own beats.

So to sum up, Dubturbo isn’t just a software. It provides you with a full set of tutorial videos, loops and other¬†resources to get you up and running and making your first track in just 20 minutes! If you have a computer and a bit of musical talent, nothing can stop you from creating your own music.

Full Dubturbo Review

DUBturbo is a standalone beat making software, that lets you make your own beats fast and easy. It provides everything you need to let your musical talent shines. Software is entirely controlled by your keyboard and mouse, and you can also create keyboard shortcuts which allows you to compose your fancy melodies even faster. There is no need for MIDI controller (though it would be nice to see Dubturbo supports it), professional sound card, audio mixer, and other high-priced musical equipment.

You will be able to create top-notch music beats in minutes. All your friends will envy you, asking you to reveal the secret of how you do that.

DUBturbo beat maker features plenty of awesome, ready-made drum kits and FX sounds, that will help you to make your own beats. You can create any music style beats, from Hip Hop and R&B, to Pop and Techno. Notes, samples and bars can be moved around and revised individually. But, the best thing is that you can import your own sounds created elsewhere. There is virtually no limit to what can be done with it, except your creativity.

Once when you are satisfied how it sounds, you can easily export beats to industry standard WAV format. That way you get your file ready for further distribution to music studios, radio stations, etc. You can sell your beats, put on CD, or do whatever you want.

Dubturbo Features:

  • 16 stereo tracks sequencer
  • 16 channel mixer
  • More than 40 sound kits (bass, guitars, organs, pianos…) plus 4 cool premium kits.
  • 10 editable drum pads
  • 4 octave keyboard (although some of Dubturbo competitors provides more, I don’t really see why would you need more than 4 octaves)
  • 1000’s of amazing sounds, and they are adding new with every upgrade.
  • 3 screens and panels for full flexibility
  • It works on both Mac and PC.

The Pros of Dubturbo:

  • It doesn’t use lousy Mp3 compression.
  • You are getting both online and desktop versions, so that you can make your own beats anywhere.
  • Dubturbo is loaded with high-quality samples in WAV format.
  • Neat interface, easy to navigate.
  • Cheap beat making software (comparing to the premium ones).

The Cons:

  • You can’t use external devices to controlling Dubturbo software. Yeah, that will save you money, and you can always convert your music files to wav format and import sounds that way. But still,¬† it’s a shame. Even some free programs let you use midi controller and keyboard with midi connector.
  • Dubturbo supports only 16 tracks unlike some other tools which allow unlimited tracks

Overall, DUBturbo is extraordinary beat making software to start your journey into music production.

Did you try Dubturbo? What do you think about it? Let me know in comments.

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