Korg SV1 Review – Stage Vintage Keyboard

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korg sv1 black

The new Korg SV-1 Black has been a favorite amongst many electronic keyboards players and is often regarded as the original stage piano, offering the player versatility previously unseen, with authentic playability in a compact size and a vast amount of sounds. Now merely a competitor in yet another fierce market, lets see what the new boy has to offer.

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The Korg SV1 (or Stage Vintage, to give its proper name) is pretty much what it says on the tin and just like the original it gives you loads of authentic sounds. From Pianos, organs synthesizers and more, it also comes with a variety of effects and amp models, it even has a real vacuum tube for an authentic ‘dirt’ sound, if that’s what you’re into. You can easily edit all of these through the front panel’s controls and no confusing screen or panels.

The first thing you notice when you see the Korg SV1 is its retro-cool appearance. The classic design of chunky controls very much emphasizes this along with the contrasting end pieces. However, this style isn’t adored by everyone, and some felt it didn’t correctly represent their, or their bands image. Some even said it was perfect for some environments but totally wrong for others, which for stage pianos, being able to adapt to different environments and different styles of music is crucial.

The Korg SV1 Black aim to solve this problem by keeping all the positive features and simply offering a universally accepted traditional black finish. This will appeal to the majority of the audience but for those who like something, a little bit different, the Korg SV1 is available in a limited edition reverse key style, so if you were in any doubt about the SV-1 being retro-cool then think again.

korg sv1 reverse keys

Korg sv1 reverse keys

Both new Korg SV1 s are available as 73 note and 88 note models, so you can fine-tune the keyboard specific to you.

In my opinion a common misconception in society is the idea that more is better and that the more features something offers, despite their insignificance, is better. That is the beauty of the SV1 . It doesn’t offer an unnecessary amount of effects and modes, but does it really need to? It offers everything you regularly need in a high-quality package and filters out the rest to whittle down the price. This makes the Korg SV1 a great success, as it’s a great looking and sounding digital piano.

Korg SV1 Review - Stage Vintage Keyboard, 4.1 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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