Best Beat Making Software to Make Your Own Beats

Here you can read reviews of some of the best beat making software. Hopefully, by comparing them, you will find the one that suits you the most. What is the best beat maker to make your own beats?

FL Studio beat making softwareIf Continue reading “Best Beat Making Software to Make Your Own Beats” »

Dubturbo Review – Can it Make You the Next Timbaland?

Dubturbo keyboard and tracksNo. Dubturbo certainly won’t take you that far. It’s not Dubturbo or any other software out there that make Timbaland what he is. But it is a good start.

In this DUBturbo review I will try to answer Continue reading “Dubturbo Review – Can it Make You the Next Timbaland?” »

How to Learn Music Theory

Learn Music TheoryWhat is the best way to learn music theory? YouTube videos? Books? From a tutor?

First you need to consider that different people have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning in Continue reading “How to Learn Music Theory” »

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