Virtual Piano Keyboard

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Play virtual piano keyboard online. Use your computer keyboard or mouse to control piano keys. Be creative and record your masterpiece, so that everyone can hear.

How to record music:

  1. Download Freecorder toolbar and install it
  2. Restart browser
  3. Push record audio button in Freecorder toolbar

Playing virtual piano keyboard isn’t as near the same as playing electronic keyboard or piano, but it is fun and free. It is more like a learning to play new musical instrument.

If you click on help button you can see corresponding notes and keys. Don’t expect to remember all of them at first run though. Hit “Notes” button if you want them to become permanently visible.

There’s an option to choose from several sounds, along with metronome and chords. Unfortunately, trainer on this virtual piano keyboard has only one song to teach you (Beethoven – Fur Elise).

Virtual Piano Keyboard, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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