Yamaha EZ-200 Review

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Yamaha EZ-200 keyboard

If you have a love for playing piano and are still struggling to find how to play good enough to be the next Mozart, here’s your deal: the Yamaha EZ-200 – touch sensitive keyboard, with 61 full-sized lighted keys. Not only does this electronic keyboard comes with top-quality sound and accessories, it also leads you step-by-step onto learning the basic skills of playing a keyboard.

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Yamaha EZ-200 comes with 100 built-in songs. Select a song of your choice from the list and choose which hand you want to use to play the tune, left or right, and hit “Start”. You will be guided along as the keyboard will light up the keys you are to play and would wait for you to hit a certain key before it proceeds. It will even teach you how to play chords.

The keyboard also comes with a very realistic sound, an exact copy of the sound produced by an acoustic piano. Normally, in digital pianos, you get sound according to the force with which you hit the key. But in Yamaha EZ-200, you get to have the closest experience to an acoustic piano through a digital keyboard. Additionally, you can tweak the sound settings to get other experiences. The keyboard’s 367 Voices literally feature every instrument you may find in an orchestra. From guitars to drums, bass, harpsichords and electronic pianos, you have hundreds of sounds to choose from.

Apart from this choice of sounds, you also get 100 Styles to choose from. If you ever wanted to play a rock song or do some country music, it’s right at your fingertips. Punch in your option through the given keys and Yamaha EZ-200 will be quick to provide you with the relevant set of drums, piano, guitars and horn.

The sound quality of Yamaha ez200 is also a beauty. It’s totally stereo with two amplifiers for high-volume performances. Stereo quality ensures the best output for the sound. The keyboard comes with 32-notes polyphony. This means that it provides greater space for playing more sounds at the same time. Most keyboards with similar price tags as Yamaha EZ-200 usually provide a 12-note polyphony, which means if you play too many sounds at the same time, some of them are missed due to memory constraints. Yamaha EZ 200 ensures that you never run into this kind of problem.

Check out this video presentation of Yamaha EZ-200:

So if you are a basic learner with a lot of passion and potential and plans of making it big-time in playing piano, you have a portable keyboard which may accompany you for your entire career without ever leaving you wanting for more.

Yamaha EZ-200 Review, 4.5 out of 5 based on 18 ratings

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